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    GSHNSP is your one-stop area for homeland security information, contacts, news, and blogs with anti-terrorism experts, plus the latest in anti-terrorism training and certifications through the Global Center for Public Safety.

    Our Mission is to bring together Homeland and National Security Professionals so that they may share information in the common goal of insuring that our homeland is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards, whether man made or natural, and to protect our interests and ways of life.

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    School Based Threat, Risk, & Vulnerability Assessment Training


    Homeland and National Security Professional Certifications


    Sheriffs Unveil Public Safety APP to Help Combat Terrorism  

    Professional Development Training

    For information regarding upcoming classes or to schedule group training, call Steve Hodges at 603-568-3456 or email at shodges@sheriffs.org.

    The Developing Leader Program

    (Officers & Deputies) 5 Weeks Online ~ Self-paced Take “The Developing Leader” online course delivered through the Institute for Credible […]

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    Command & Staff College

    The National Command & Staff College (NCSC), a partnership between the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS), the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) and the Center for Police Leadership & Ethics (CPLE) is a blended educational program designed to prepare today’s law enforcement and corrections leaders to succeed in an ever-changing professional environment, and to effectively meet the challenges of the futu

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    Krav Haganah - combat defense for law enforcement

    Krav Haganah [combat defense] for law enforcement

    In this course the officer will learn effective defensive tactic methods developed from the Krav Haganah modern martial art style. The Krav Haganah techniques conform with the Use of Force Continuum structure. The students will be able to better deal with various hand to hand confrontations.

    The techniques taught in this course will enable the officers to conduct effective suspect control duties as well as defend themselves against various levels of threats.

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    Officer Survival Training - Homeland Security Certification, Training & News

    Officer Survival for Worst-Case Scenario

    For the past several years we have witnessed a growing number of law enforcement officers being killed and assassinated. Some law enforcement training may not be sufficient to prepare officers for these deadly encounters.

    This course was designed to prepare law enforcement officers to survive deadly encounters while on duty, including traffic stops, domestic incidents, and even confrontations while off duty.

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